Susan Clymer                      Creative Writing Residency:
	                    One Hundred Authors in Your School
	                                                                       1st – 5th Grade   

Goals of the Program: Each student will have the experience of   becoming an author for the week that Ms. Clymer is visiting your school – writing stories and experiencing the pure joy of creating, both individually and in groups. Students will be actively involved in brainstorming ideas, acting, observing, and learning new writing techniques. Students will understand the concept and importance of word choice, voice and organization in a story. Every student will create three stories, one of which could be included in a showcase or assessment portfolio. Student comfort level in writing will increase. Teachers will be more willing to lead creative writing activities with their students in the future. After the residency, teachers and students will polish one of these stories to be published and shared.

Special Requests: Ms. Clymer enjoys designing the residency to fit a school’s academic or artistic needs. Please feel free to make requests.   

Instructional Plan: Ms. Clymer prefers to work with the same three or four classrooms each day in an active workshop format. Children will also need extra time to write after she leaves. Each workshop lasts forty-five to sixty minutes depending on the school schedule. In the sixty minute format, the author can oversee more of the writing.    

Day One:  Introduction to Ms. Clymer as an author. Creation of the beginning of a class story based on student generated ideas. Each child finishes writing the story alone. Creativity emphasized.  
Day Two:  How to Get Ideas for Stories. The parts of a story will be introduced. Each student writes own story. Child’s favorite activity will be emphasized.  
Day Three:  Show, Don’t Tell. An acting session which emphasizes good verbs and observation skills. Many teachers consider this workshop their favorite day. Word Choice emphasized.  
Day Four and Five: Varies depending on class needs and teacher’s wishes. Here are two examples: 
Favorite Item. Each child brings an important item from home and         writes an adventure story about herself and that item. Description        emphasized. 
Character. The class brainstorms what an author needs to know to create a character. Each student creates his own character. The students then work in pairs, drawing each other’s character. The artist may only draw what is written. Revision emphasized.  
Susan Clymer             Narrative Nonfiction Residency:
	                                              Writing True-Life Stories
		               4th Grade and Up
In this popular one week residency, Ms. Clymer details a specific, easy-to-remember approach, called Freeze The Action, which will help fourth through eighth grade students learn how to add voice, suspense, conversation, five senses, internal body reactions, and vivid words to true, personal stories. Participants will be brainstorming, acting, laughing and writing. 
Ms. Clymer prefers to visit the same three or four classes every day, Monday through Friday, for forty-five to sixty minutes each. Emphasis will be placed on choosing the best topic for a gripping narrative, improving structure, and revising toward excellence. Each young author will write three personal narratives during the week. This residency has proved successful in helping students improve performances on Writing Assessments. return RESIDENCIES       BOOKS FOR EDUCATORS WELCOME ABOUT ME PODCASTS home WRITING LESSONS CONTACT ME