My dog named Isis is an Ausiedoodle, half poodle and half Australian Shepherd. Isis was a goddess in ancient Egypt who watched over artists and kept them safe! Wearing silly socks is my character tag. I sing in the Kansas City Women’s Chorus.  I volunteer in prisons in the Alternatives to Violence Project.  My hobby is creating new cookie recipes. It usually takes me four tries to develop a great cookie!  Barga is an ancient hill town in Italy where I lived for two summers. Here I am, on my greatest adventure, hiking the John Muir Trail. Hiking 250 miles was scary and challenging and wondrous. My daughter and I frequently 
backpack together. My writing studio is full of gemstones, blown glass and mythological animals. Most of my books involve animals. I often observe animals in the wild.  BOOKS FOR EDUCATORS WELCOME ABOUT ME PODCASTS home WRITING LESSONS CONTACT ME